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Healthy Resolution 2024: Peeking into the Extraordinary Benefits of Mangoes

Manfaat buah mangga bagi kesehatan
Manfaat buah mangga bagi kesehatan (Manfaat buah mangga bagi kesehatan)

The year 2023 is ending in just a few days. Have the young farmers already made a list of resolutions for the upcoming year, 2024? Some items that can be included in the resolutions for young farmers are related to financial goals, appearance, career, and, importantly, health. Resolutions for leading a healthier life are becoming a trend for the year 2024. A recent survey has proven that Generation Z wants to focus on maintaining their health in the coming year.

To be able to carry out the resolution to maintain health, there are several things that young farmers should do. They should focus on maintaining a healthy weight by paying attention to their food intake. Food intake should be considered in terms of real food sources, presentation, quantity, and timing of meals. Young farmers should also reduce the consumption of foods and beverages with added sugars. Meeting daily fiber and vitamin needs by consuming fruits and vegetables is crucial. Additionally, young farmers should start exercising for at least 15-30 minutes every day. Getting sufficient sleep, around 7-8 hours per day, and meeting daily water intake of 2-3 liters are also essential.

The Extraordinary Benefits of Mangoes

To embark on a healthy life in 2024, young farmers can start by regularly consuming vegetables and fruits. Consuming fruits and vegetables every day provides numerous benefits to the body. Mango is one fruit that has a plethora of health benefits. The contents found in mango include water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, folate, Vitamin K, potassium, copper, calcium, iron, as well as antioxidants like zeaxanthin and beta-carotene. Because of these components, mango is not only a fresh and sweet fruit but also offers health benefits. These benefits include:

  • Maintaining the health of hair and skin due to its content of Vitamin A, and fulfilling 75% of the body's daily Vitamin C needs. The combination of Vitamin A and C produces collagen for the body, which can provide and maintain skin elasticity to prevent premature wrinkles and sagging.
  • Lowering blood pressure because the sweetness in mangoes does not cause a spike in blood sugar. According to research from Oklahoma State University, the blood sugar levels of people who are overweight decrease after regularly consuming mangoes over a certain period. This decrease in blood sugar is believed to be the effect of specific active compounds and antioxidants in mangoes.
  • Benefits for eye health due to Lutein and zeaxanthin, which can help protect the function of the retina and lens of the eye. Lutein and zeaxanthin also work to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, slowing the development of cataracts and the risk of macular degeneration.
  • Potentially preventing cancer because the polyphenol extract in mangoes can prevent the development of cancer cells. Mangoes can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the colon, breast, lungs, leukemia, and prostate tissues.
  • Relieving constipation because mangoes are a staple food in the FODMAP diet, which is designed to avoid foods that can trigger gas and bloating in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients.
  • Helping prevent heart disease due to the fiber, potassium, and vitamins in mangoes. Increased potassium intake is proportional to the decrease in sodium in the body, helping to counteract heart diseases or issues.
  • Aiding in weight loss. If young farmers are in the process of a weight loss program, mangoes can be a snack option. This is because the phytochemicals in mangoes act as natural fat eliminators. The flesh of the mango also contains a lot of fiber, providing a longer-lasting feeling of fullness. (Nisa)
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