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5 Special Gifts to Celebrate Mother's Day

National Mother's Day
National Mother's Day (Demfarm)

December 22 is a reminder for National Mother's Day. Mother's Day serves as a moment to reflect on the importance of a mother's role in life.

To commemorate Mother's Day, there are various things you can do. These include giving greetings, writing letters, and giving gifts.

Various gifts for Mother's Day can be chosen to be given to mothers. These gifts become one of the ways to express love and affection to mothers.

The Role of Mothers and Reasons Why You Need to Give Mothers Something Special

Talking about mothers, there is nothing more special than her. No one has a love as sincere, as good, and as great as a mother's love for her children. There is nothing more comforting than being near her. No matter how far you go to find happiness, a mother is the best place to return to, to unload worries and find the source of happiness.

A mother is an incredibly special figure and irreplaceable. This is the reason why a mother is so special. There is no greater, more sincere, and truer love than a mother's love for her child. No matter how mischievous a child may be, a mother will always accept, love, and never be able to leave them. All the strengths and weaknesses that a child has, a mother will accept with an open heart. A mother will always strive to provide the best for her children.

A mother is someone who truly understands us. Whatever is within us, what we need, what we want, she is the one who understands everything in detail. She understands so well that when we misplace something in the house and forget where it is, the first person we ask for help in finding it is our mother.

When sick or feeling unwell, a mother will always be a nurse as well as a miraculous remedy for her children. Even when sick, once near a mother, the pain seems to vanish instantly. Seeing her genuine smile and affection, the headache and body aches that were once overwhelming can suddenly disappear, leaving one feeling refreshed and healthy. No matter how old you are, when sick, we still need our mother to be by our side. This holds true even when we are married and have children.

Prayers from parents are never rejected. And a mother's prayer is the best of prayers. Through the prayers and blessings of parents, especially the mother, what we hope for can come true. Through the prayers of parents, what we always desire will be heard and considered more by Him. Because of the effectiveness of parental prayers, it's no wonder that when we are about to undertake anything, we are always advised to seek the prayers and blessings of our parents.

It's not uncommon for a mother to be someone who is very talkative and has many preferences. Nevertheless, what a mother does is for our well-being. Every command and prohibition given by our mother is because she cares deeply for us. A mother is one of the individuals who is always concerned about our safety and happiness.

Recommended Gifts for Mothers

The celebration of Mother's Day on December 22 is often utilized as a moment to express love from children to their mothers. Each child may have their own way of conveying this affection, one of which is by giving gifts. Here are some simple and useful gift recommendations for mothers:

1. Hydroponic Gardening Tools

Does your mother enjoy gardening or is she interested in learning to plant in the backyard? If so, support her learning interest by giving a complete set of gardening tools.

Usually, in one package, there is a tray equipped with a cover that contains pre-mixed fertilizer, a spoon, six holes, six net pots, an external thread drain shock system + elbow/tee thread, pipes + connectors, and hoses.

Providing a hydroponic gardening toolset can be a meaningful gift for your mother. Planting and harvesting vegetables from her own efforts can bring a unique sense of joy.

Moreover, research has shown that gardening can reduce cortisol levels, effectively alleviate stress, and create a positive mood. The harvested vegetables can also be enjoyed within approximately a month.

2. Ornamental Plants

Flowers and ornamental plants can make a very meaningful Mother's Day gift. Flowers can symbolize warmth and someone's love. Choose your mother's favourite flowers, and if possible, provide a complete package of flowers and ornamental plants.

Ornamental plants can be a special and refreshing gift. Especially if your mother spends a lot of time at home, ornamental plants are a suitable gift choice because gardening has many benefits.

Some types of ornamental plants that can be given as gifts include Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant), Philodendron, Sweetheart Plant, Jade Plant, and Azalea.

3. Vegetable Seedlings

If your mother enjoys the activity of planting vegetables at home, giving vegetable seedlings is the right choice.

Having a vegetable garden at home can actually save on daily shopping expenses. There are several types of vegetables that are easy to grow at home and can be given to your mother as a gift.

First, Spinach – not only is it easy to plant, but spinach also requires practical care. You only need to prepare spinach seeds, planting media, pots or polybags, and water. Once everything is ready, start sowing the seeds for about a month.

Second, Chili – because chili grows easily in hot weather. Moreover, you can plant it anywhere, such as in pots, polybags, or directly in the ground. Third, Lettuce – lovers of fresh vegetables and salads will appreciate having lettuce at home. It is also easy to care for, especially during rainy seasons, as lettuce can grow quickly and be very fertile.

Fourth, Tomato – the next vegetable seedling that grows quickly and is easy to care for at home is the tomato. Tomatoes are commonly used in daily cooking, and cooking with homegrown produce can be more enjoyable.

Fifth, Water Spinach (Kangkung) – a vegetable that is often a favorite for cooking because it is easy to prepare. Planting water spinach is also quite easy; by choosing quality seedlings and planting media, water spinach can be grown at home.

4. Aesthetic Flower Pots

When decorating the garden, aesthetically pleasing and unique flower pots are needed to make plants look more attractive and beautify the space. Aesthetic flower pots can be an idea to give to your mother as a gift.

Some tips for choosing the right flower pot include:

First, know the materials used to make flower pots. There are various materials for making flower pots, such as plastic, ceramic, and wood. Each material has its own advantages and attractions. You can match it with the plants or flowers that your mother cultivates.

Second, before buying a flower pot, make sure you have an idea of the garden your mother has. Here are some tips that you can use as a reference:

  • For houses with spacious yards: You can give plastic pots or clay pots.
  • For houses with minimalistic yards: You can give a hanging garden. Use hanging pots made of coco fiber or lightweight plastic. You can also provide iron flower racks to arrange plants neatly and aesthetically without worrying about taking up space.
  • For premium cultivar collectors: If your mother enjoys cultivating bonsai or mini cacti, give ceramic pots with unique designs. In addition to making the plant collection more beautiful, ceramic pots increase their market value.

5. Quality Fertilizer for a Gardening Enthusiast Mother

If your mother has a gardening hobby, fertilizer is one of the useful gifts that will surely make her happy.

Fertilizer is an essential element for plants, as its content can support the growth process of plants to the maximum.

There are several types of fertilizers you should know before buying them as a gift:

First, Organic Fertilizer - organic fertilizer comes from organic (natural) materials such as plants and animals. Some examples of organic fertilizers include manure, compost, green fertilizer, and humus.

Second, Inorganic Fertilizer - inorganic fertilizer is a type of fertilizer that comes from inorganic materials, usually containing specific nutrient/mineral elements. This type of fertilizer is also known as chemical fertilizer. Examples of inorganic fertilizers include urea (containing Nitrogen), SP-36 (containing Phosphorus), and NPK (containing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium).

Those are some ideas and gift recommendations to celebrate Mother's Day that you can give to your mother. Whatever you give, your mother will surely be very happy to receive it, as it is always delightful to receive a gift from someone you love. (Nisa)

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