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Tentang Kami

Encouraging Collaborative and Innovative Agriculture Among Indonesia's Young Generation

Agriculture, the backbone of the Indonesian economy, has become increasingly attractive to the younger generation. In the midst of vibrant technological developments and enthusiasm to contribute to food security, Demfarm is present as a community hub for young farmers who is full of innovation and is a support for Indonesia's future young generation.

Demfarm Portal as a Source of Inspiration for Modern Agriculture

Demfarm understands the importance of easily accessible information in agricultural development. Therefore, we have an official portal,, which is a one-stop information center for young farmers and agricultural enthusiasts. This portal provides various information about agriculture, such as articles in Indonesian and English, as well as ebooks with very useful short tips. The main focus of this portal is to review urban farming and introduce inspiring figures of young farmers from various cities in Indonesia.

Demfarm's Vision and Mission: Supporting Collaborative and Technology-Based Agriculture

Demfarm's vision is to encourage the realization of an agricultural ecosystem that is more collaborative, solution-based, technology-based, and especially, focuses on young Indonesian farmers. Demfarm has carried out its mission with passion:

a) Impressive: Demfarm has spread to 40 major cities in Indonesia. This allows us to get closer to young farmers and agricultural activists in various regions.

b) Collaborative: Demfarm has succeeded in establishing good relationships with communities and young farmers throughout the country. This provides opportunities for community members to learn from each other, share experiences, and grow together.

c) Solution: Demfarm is not just an information platform, but also a forum for opening up space for discussion and publication. We want to bridge the problems found by farmers through various programs and innovative solutions.

Creating 1000 Young Indonesian Farmers

One of Demfarm's big targets is to produce 1000 young Indonesian farmers. Demfarm is determined to inspire, provide knowledge and provide the support needed so that the younger generation can be successful in an increasingly competitive agricultural world.

Demfarm is clear proof that agriculture is no longer limited to old age and remote lands. Demfarm is a catalyst for positive change in Indonesia's agricultural world, connecting young people with the resources, information and opportunities they need to succeed in this sector. With its collaborative and innovative spirit, Demfarm will continue to be a driving force for better agriculture in the future.